Into the great wide open

So, yeah, its been a while. Ive just been getting into the swing of things,  figuring out what is working best for me.  I have decided to try and share some of my more unique finds here,  because  I love learning about new things to look for while thrifting,  I mean,  if  I’m already in the store I might as well make the most of my time,  right?   

         So, although my mainstay is clothing,  I  hope to feature some funny,  unusual items that I’ve sold that might get you thinking about new parts of the thrift store to explore too! 

    First item: a r2d2 star wars popcorn bucket from Disney World. I will admit I didn’t know much about it when I picked it off the shelf,  however  it was .99 and I figured I could surely get that much for it.  star wars certainly has its share of merchandise,  but  this one was unique,  in nice shape and lightweight so I figured it wouldn’t be too expensive to ship.  



These pics are from my listing where I eventually sold this for 28.99 BIN with free shipping.  My profit after all fees and costs  was around 18.00.


 Another random find- this authentic Tory Burch makeup bag.  Also scored this for .99,  sitting inthe junk section at my local goodwill, super excited!   I sold it for 29.99 BIN- my profit on this was around 21.00.


So,  anyway,  there you have it,  few items that I’ve had success with recently. I will  be on the lookout for some more interesting things to share!  




Did you know there is a huge market for coffee cups on ebay?  I  Didn’t either!  I guess I’ve just been so consumed with clothes and other things to think about collectors things.  Well ,  I was reading a blog which I cannot figure out how to get back to because I remember nothing, however, the author briefly mentioned success with certain Starbucks mugs,  so  the next time I was in my local,  I did give a quick look,  and stunningly,  two of the exact ones the Blogger mentioned being worth a ton (in thrifting terms). So,  threw them in my cart,  brought  them home,  and voila! Sold both in a matter of days for 39.99 plus shipping, EACH! Now,  I  make sure to always check the coffee mug section.  Image













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